If you're looking for an affordable used truck, you've come to the right place! Port Motors has plenty of used trucks for sale at prices that you won't find anywhere else in the West Palm Beach, FL, area.  

Shop Used Trucks for Sale in West Palm Beach, FL

Why Buy a Used Truck?

When you buy used, you'll immediately save thousands of dollars on the base price of a truck. The only compromises are a few extra miles and a slightly older model. If you have a specific budget, it's easy to find a used truck that fits. You'll also be avoiding the initial depreciation that comes with a new truck. Cars depreciate in value quite quickly, but new cars have a sharp decline at the start of their lifespan. Buying used allows you to skip this depreciation, and the value of your truck stays steady, so you're getting more for your money. 

Trucks also go through a lot of wear and tear that sedans and SUVs don't experience. When you buy used, you won't be wasting money on a new truck that will quickly be worn down. Instead, you can invest in a truck that is already broken in.

It's Easier Than Ever to Afford a Used Pickup Truck!

You're already saving big when you buy used from Port Motors. Want to know how you can save even more? Our financial assistance options can help anyone, regardless of credit standing. Whether your score is poor, fair, or good, we'll find the auto loan to make your monthly payments as affordable as possible. 

We work with over 20 lenders, both prime and sub-prime, to help adjust payments to your financial needs. Port Motors has great relationships with multiple credit unions and we welcome each one with open arms. The best part is that you can get pre-approved for a loan on our website without a Social Security Number. Getting an auto loan has never been easier!

How Much is Your Car Worth?

Before you trade in your current vehicle, it's important to know how much it's worth! The money you get from trading your vehicle can make a great down payment on a used truck. Knowing this value can help you create a budget and will guide your shopping experience towards more affordable trucks. 

Our incredibly easy online tool can give you an approximate value for your current vehicle in minutes. With some basic information, you'll be on your way towards investing in a used pickup truck! 

Stop by Port Motors to View Our Entire Used Truck Inventory

Whether you're from Green Acres or one of the surrounding communities, you owe it to yourself to visit Port Motors to view our used truck inventory. We're certain we will have a model that is going to meet all your driving needs. If you have additional questions about our inventory, please don't hesitate to give us a call or contact us online. As always, we can't wait to greet you on our showroom floor!