Explore our selection of used work vans to find the right model for the job! Port Motors carries a variety of vans that are affordable and get the job done.

Shop Used Vans for Sale in West Palm Beach, FL

Why Buy Used Work Vans?

When you buy a used work van, you're saving thousands right out of the gate. Instead of paying full price for a van that will rapidly depreciate in value, invest in a used work van that has already skipped that phase. You'll be getting more bang for your buck, and when you're ready to trade, your van will give you a higher return rate. 

Used work vans have seen a few extra miles, and they might be a little older, but they're no less functional. Port Motors heavily inspects every vehicle on our lot to ensure they're up to par, so your work van is guaranteed to run like a charm. A used van provides just as much usefulness for a fraction of the price.

Value Your Trade-In at Port Motors

To get a head start on your monthly payments, you can trade your current vehicle! It's important to know the value of your vehicle before you start a trade. By using our online Value Your Trade-In tool, you can get an approximate value for your vehicle. This knowledge can help you design a budget and makes it easier to narrow your choices while shopping for a used work van. It's quick, simple, and only requires a few clicks. 

Work With Our Financing Department to Save Big

At Port Motors, we vow to work with everyone, regardless of their credit score. Other dealerships will turn people away, citing their poor scores. We understand that life happens, and sometimes, unfortunate financial struggles are unavoidable. That's why we work with over 20 lenders to help you find an auto loan that works for you. We have outstanding relationships with many different credit unions. 

When you apply for financing through our website, you won't have to provide a Social Security Number, and your information is secure. If you need a quick calculation, you can use our payment calculator tool to get a rough estimate of the monthly payments for your work van, and we can go from there!

Learn More About Financing for a Used Work Van at Port Motors in West Palm Beach, FL!

Want to get a closer look at our models? Thinking about a test drive? Visit us today! We only display models we actually carry. If you see a used work van that catches your eye, move quickly, and contact us as soon as possible. Our heavily inspected work vans are in top shape, and can get the job done without laying waste to your bank account. 

Other dealerships will turn you away for poor credit, but Port Motors will work with you and find a budget that fits your needs. When you need a sturdy, reliable used work van, call Port Motors!!